Disarmament and International Security Council

Cyber warfare - preventing from interception of information in cyberspace and improving web protection in the context of international security

Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) is the First of the six main committees of the United Nations General Assembly. It tackles the issues which refer to the process of establishing worldwide security and seeking for coherent solutions to the threats that occur amongst the nations. The aspect of a cyber warfare is an exceeding problem especially in the XXI century when the role of technology in developing countries is undoubtedly significant. ln a modern world, most of the important information is stored in the virtual databases, including international confidential data and as a result an interception of them is a threat to the global security and may lead to various conflicts, especially taking into consideration the current situation in the Near East and its influence on the European states’ safety.

It is high time to bring this process to a halt in order to maintain a sustainable web protection and prevent crucial data from hostile intentions. The upcoming Disarmament and International Security Committee session is imperative due to the fact that only by cooperation, common efforts and devotion, the comprehensive solutions can be found and implemented.

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