Economic and Financial Committee

Strengthening The Schengen Area in order to prevent its disintegration

The Economic and Financial Committee, also known as the Second Committee, is one of the six standing committees of the General Assembly. It deals with issues concerning global finances and economic situations around the globe.

Every economists agree on one important aspect: it is stimulating for every economic system, when an ease in flow of financial assets, goods, cargo and services is delivered to entrepreneurs. A well-known example of a large area with no borders for the economic growth is Schengen, free travel area created by 26 states in Europe. In the wake of the most recent events of increased migrants flow due to events in the Middle East and the upcoming referendum in the United Kingdom concerning its potential leaving European Union, a disintegration of Europe as one of the most important economy in the world is endangered. Should Schengen area and European Union still face the problems it is being agonized with, the perturbations, costs and problems would occur to the global economics and international trade in general.

As the United Nations, it is our duty and obligation, to assemble and deliver a draft solution for European Union’s crisis to end before any further consequences appear either globally or locally. We deeply believe that you consider this problem is in an alarming need to be solved, and we will meet together during the Lodz Model United Nations 2016 in ECOFIN committee.

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